The International NOTAM Office (NOF) a) Ensure the international exchange of NOTAM. b) Verify the quality of, and complete, the raw data provided in the NOTAM issuance requests that are received. c) Disseminate the necessary NOTAM information, as well as the NOTAM checklists of the corresponding series, in order to contribute to the safety, regularity, and efficiency of international air navigation. d) Maintain updated all the elements of the national and foreign integrated documentation used by the technical personnel of the NOTAM Office. e) Maintain control over, and update, the records established by the Office. f) Response to enquiries for aeronautical information which arise outside the headquarters office hours. The NOF is the authorized body for the issuing of NOTAM and the exchange of NOTAM internationally. Hours of Operation: 1100 – 0100 Daily. Located at SMJP International.


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