a) Collect, collate, compile, process and disseminate aeronautical data/information through regular updates to the (e)AIP and issue AIP Supplements, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) and checklists. b) Respond, on behalf of the State, for the supply of the aeronautical information/data contained in the AIP, AIP supplements, and Aeronautical information circulars (AIC). c) Produce, maintain and update the aeronautical charts contained in the AIP, according to the established requirements. d) Prepare the packaging and delivery, and distribute the corresponding aeronautical information. e) Keep the stocks of valid pages of the AIP, its SUPPs, and AICs updated. f) Keep foreign Aeronautical Information Publications, their Supplements, AICs, and Lists of valid NOTAM.

The AIS Headquarters is the point of contact with the Aeronautical Information Services of other States. This is required for the international exchange of aeronautical information except NOTAM. This point of contact is for the interchange of all elements of the integrated aeronautical information package except NOTAM. Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday office hours (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays closed). Located at SMZO aerodrome.


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